Cutting Stack 1


Zoe Labs Cutting Stack #1 includes 1 bottle CB-Clen and 1 bottle DCP Legal Steroids.

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Zoe Labs Legal Steroids: Cutting Stack #1 includes 1 bottle CB-Clen and 1 bottle DCP:

1 Bottle CB / Clen:

Used as a fat burner on or after bulking cycles, by itself during cutting and strength phase of training, or stacked with DCP for cutting. No jittery ephedrine feeling. One of the best legal fat burners available. Zoe Labs unique clenbuterol free formula constituents of vasodilators saponin xgnathine.

Take 1-4 CB-Clen legal steroid tabs with or without food anytime.

90 tabs 30-90 day supply

1 Bottle DCP:

Used during cutting and hardness phase of training or stacked with CB Clen. Zoe Labs new 300 mg formula should be taken before bed when GH output is at its highest, and works as a night time appetite suppressor.

Take 1-2 DCP legal steroid tabs before bed with or without food.

50 tabs 25-50 day supply